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Dispelling the prejudices of teleprospection


It’s a reality, teleprospection suffers from a bad image in most people’s minds. And it’s not necessarily unjustified…. Many companies or teleoperators use bad practices that have gradually saturated the patience of the approached companies.


Being a relatively repetitive job, teleprospectors generally fall into the trap of the robot, where they constantly repeat their speech and script to their panel of prospects, while ignoring almost everything about the offer they have to present and highlight during their calls.


To this, you can add the bad image of call centers and teleoperators’ platforms, which are often considered underpaid, under constant supervision, dehumanized, and lined up in multiple rows like an industrial production line.


At Norphone Production, we break this image. Our employees are not « phone robots ». We bring out talents and personalities to train efficient salespeople rather than teleprospectors. We train them to assume, independently, their responsibilities by addressing professional prospects with a qualified and respectful approach to offer a high quality service.


Paris pour l’emploi

On October 6th and 7th come join and meet us at the fair „Paris pour l’emploi“, situated at Place de la Concorde in Paris.


German-French job fair CONNECTI

Come and meet us Friday the 28th april 2017 at the Maison Internationale in Paris at the job fair « Journée de l’emploi Franco-Allemand CONNECTI ».

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